Our nursery is conveniently situated just a few minutes’ walk away from the new location of Barnet & Southgate College, as well as Colindale Underground Station; ideal for parents attending the college or commuting parents.

The gated outdoor areas allow the children to have freedom of play so that they not only enjoy the physical activities, but also develop in all the 7 areas of learning.

Physical skills are further developed in the outdoor areas, containing bikes, blocks and balls.  Other turn-taking activities helps them develop their social skills. The rear outdoor area is used for gardening, den-building, construction, role play etc.

The indoor area is divided into classrooms, so that we can carry out different activities for children of different ages and stages in learning and development. Our extensive range of resources supports children to achieve their early learning goals.


All our members of staff are suitably qualified to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to develop in a safe, secure and inspiring environment. Our low turnover of staff means that they all work well as a team to help achieve the same goals.

ALL staff members are DBS checked and hold a valid Safeguarding, First Aid and Food & Hygiene certificates.


Parents are requested to provide healthy packed lunches for their child.

Fruits / vegetables and snacks are provided along with milk and water at the ‘open snack bar’ for the children twice a day.


A healthy child is a happy child.  When preparing a healthy lunch box, try to include a portion of:

  • Starchy food – e.g. white or wholegrain bread, cooked pasta or rice
  • Protein – e.g. sliced chicken/ egg sandwich or meat alternatives such as tofu or pulses
  • At least one portion of fruit and/or vegetable – e.g. carrots, cucumbers, apples, melons etc
  • Milk or dairy foods – e.g. yogurt, cheese in sandwiches
  • Prepare the lunch in bite size pieces

Lunch boxes should not include crisps, sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

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