Mini Magicians

30 Months - 5 Years
This is the age group where developmental milestones are achieved, where a child will learn to speak full sentences, recognise letters and colours, develop their gross and fine motor skills, learn to play independently as well as learn to build bonds and friendships with their peers.
It is what they learn at this exciting stage in their life that will form the foundation for their personality when they enter young adulthood.

Foundation for Adulthood

During their time at the nursery they will learn independence as well as learning to share. They will learn to use technology as well as using their motor skills. They will learn to recognise their immediate environment around them as well as gain a basic understanding of the world. They will learn about their own culture as well as the cultures of others around them.
We record and inform you of each of the milestones they have achieved so that you too can help continue this transition with them at home.
The dedicated key person for your child, alongside with the support of our experienced team of staff, will help ensure that they are there to support your child at each and every step of the way throughout their journey, so that the children learn to create positive bonds with people around them.
At Abracadabra, we want to ensure that this transition from a toddler to a confident preschooler is seamless so that eventually, when your child is ready to go to big school, they are equipped with all the necessary independent skills to deal with their new environment.

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