The Setting

Our new nursery is located within Whitefield School and we are just a few minutes’ walk from Brent Cross Shopping Centre and Brent Cross underground station.

We are very fortunate to have a large outdoor space, with different marked areas to include a climbing frame, toy houses for imaginary play, a separate area for trikes, bikes and wheelie toys, mud kitchen and a digging & growing area for the young horticulturists. This outdoor classroom helps to stimulate curiosity in the children and help them develop in all the 7 areas of learning.

Staff Members

All our members of staff are suitably qualified to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to develop in a safe, secure and inspiring environment.

ALL staff members are DBS checked and hold a valid Safeguarding, First Aid and Food & Hygiene certificates

Food & Nutrition

Parents are requested to provide healthy packed lunches for their child.

Fruits / vegetables and snacks are provided along with milk and water at the ‘open snack bar’ for the children twice a day.

A Healthy Lunch Box

A healthy child is a happy child.  When preparing a healthy lunch box, try to include a portion of:

    • Starchy food – e.g. white or wholegrain bread, cooked pasta or rice
    • Protein – e.g. sliced chicken/ egg sandwich or meat alternatives such as tofu or pulses
    • At least one portion of fruit and/or vegetable – e.g. carrots, cucumbers, apples, melons etc
    • Milk or dairy foods – e.g. yoghurt, cheese in sandwiches
    • Prepare the lunch in bite size pieces

Lunch boxes should not include crisps, sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks.

Ofsted Reports

Links to official reports regarding our preschool

New site: No report as yet.

Previous nursery site reports: Neasden nursery report 2016

How to Enrol

Join our journey of discovery
Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm - Open throughout the year
Call Us 07796 960 990

Where we are

Give us a call or pop in
We are close to Brent Cross Tube Station.
Whitefield School
Claremont Road
Brent Cross